How much does a cargo plane cost? The costs for a cargo plane can vary significantly from renting or chartering a passenger aircraft because of their design specifically for cargo.

Cargo planes, those titans of the sky, don’t come cheap. They’re trading hands for a hefty sum, typically between $49 to $77 million, though the crème de la crème could set you back a cool $419 million. If buying is too rich for your blood, leasing is an option, running you between $350,000 and $450,000.

With over 25,000 of these workhorses crisscrossing the globe and more joining the fleet every year, factors like capacity, size, and speed play pivotal roles in their price tag.

how much does a cargo plane cost

How Much Does a Cargo Plane Cost? Several Factors Are at Play

The demand for goods delivered using cargo planes continues to grow. With that said, it is essential to see the variety of models and price ranges available to fill this need.

Airbus Plane Costs

Airbus is one of the most popular cargo plane manufacturers. This aviation brand is known for its technology and overall quality.


The A330F boasts these features:

  • 65-70 t cargo capacity
  • 4,598.147 mi flight distance
  • Twin-engine design with Pratt & Whitney or Rolls-Royce Trent engines

These planes average $49-77 million when purchased new. When leased, the monthly cost for these planes is $350,000-$640,000.

Boeing Plane Costs

Boing is one of the most popular manufacturers in aviation by far. The brand’s popularity makes it a perfect choice for cargo planes.


The Boeing 747-400F series accounts for much of the modern cargo plane market today. Some of its specs include the following:

  • 140 t loading capacity
  • 8,814.7717 mi distance
  • Features a nose cargo door, in addition to the main cargo door

Used planes of this model often cost about $12 million and may cost $30 million or more new. If you lease one of these planes, you can expect to pay $180,000-$400,000 monthly, depending on how the engine has been configured.


The Boeing 747-8F has become one of the company’s most popular models in recent years. This plane has a high demand, with the number of orders placed yearly increasing.

Because the plane is more efficient than many other models, one of these aircraft is an excellent choice to reduce costs. The planes feature highly durable aluminum, carbon composite, and titanium construction.

Some of the features include a 137 t loading capacity. The large loading capacity and durable construction have helped secure this aircraft’s place as a leader among Boeing’s planes.

Used 747-8F planes average $92 million, with new models costing as much as $419 million. Monthly leases for these planes average $750,000-$1.4 million.


The 767F has been modeled closely after Boeing’s 67-300ER. This plane’s most significant asset is its large deck capacity of 4,714.59 sq ft.

Many variations of this aircraft boast refrigeration systems, which increase the types of cargo that a plane can fly with.

These planes have prices ranging from $18 million-$74 million. If you’re inclined to rent one of these planes, expect to pay $230,000-$550,000 monthly.


The 777F is a twin-engine plane with one of the most extended flying ranges. This plane’s structure is one of the toughest and most durable.

This plane’s loading capacity is a generous 103.9 t. One of the top features is that the aircraft can take off with a maximum 765,996.13 lb weight.

If you opt to buy one of these planes, you should expect to pay $82-$150 million. The monthly lease cost averages $700,000, up to $1.15 million.

How Should You Shop for a Cargo Plane?

Price is one of the most critical factors in choosing a cargo plane. However, the price may not necessarily be the most important factor, depending on your needs.

For example, if you have special transport needs, you may need to think about custom-designed planes. Planes designed for certain types of cargo will help minimize any damage to your goods.

Large transporters, like the Airbus Beluga, which are designed to transport aircraft components between Europe and North America, feature cargo bays designed to get parts in and out quickly. The easy loading and unloading help prevent damage.

The SkyCourier from Cessna allows standard-size cargo containers. This type of plane is a standard for shipping services like FedEx.

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Final Thoughts

How much does a cargo plane cost? Cargo planes can cost anywhere from $49-$419 million.