The TECNAM P2006T, with its sleek twin engines and carbon fiber charm, is the stuff of pilot dreams. Light, nimble, and undeniably high-tech, it piqued my curiosity: just what does it take to call one your own?

I dove into the nitty-gritty—purchase price, operating costs, maintenance demands, and the maze of financing. If you’re eyeing a multi-engine badge or simply drool over cutting-edge birds, here’s the skinny on the P2006T’s price tag.

How Much Does a TECNAM P2006T Cost? 1

Why Pilots Love the TECNAM P2006T

First flown in 2006, the P2006T appealed to pilots thanks to strengths like:

  • Twin 80 HP Rotax 912S3 engines provide redundancy, efficiency and fuel flexibility.
  • All carbon fiber construction keeps weight very low for performance.
  • The wide, comfortable cockpit can fit up to 4 adults.
  • Excellent useful load of nearly 1,000 pounds.
  • Modern Garmin glass cockpit simplifies flying.
  • High cruising speed of 155 knots and range over 700 nm.

For owner-pilots seeking an advanced, efficient light twin with European style, the P2006T is an alluring option. Now let’s explore the costs in detail.

What’s the Price Tag on a Brand New P2006T?

A factory-new P2006T lists for $625,000 in 2024. However, the final amount depends on options chosen and any price negotiation with the dealer.

Some popular extras include:

  • Upgraded Garmin avionics like the G1000 NXi
  • Premium paint designs or leather interiors
  • Additional spare parts kit
  • 3-blade composite propellers

While still a major investment, it may be possible to purchase a new P2006T for under $600,000 with some negotiation and restraint on options.

What Does a Pre-Owned TECNAM P2006T Cost?

Since the P2006T has been manufactured since 2006, used planes are more available and affordable.

For a P2006T built between 2009 and 2022 in decent shape, expect to spend $251,500 to $705,000. Older or higher-time models can sometimes be found for under $200k.

As with any used aircraft purchase, overall condition, maintenance history, engine times, avionics suite and interior finish impact pricing significantly.

While not cheap, a used P2006T can still be attained for a fraction of new costs, with full twin-engine capabilities. Their efficiency and comfort ensure strong continuing demand.

What Are the Annual Fixed Costs on the TECNAM P2006T?

When the plane is parked, a P2006T still accrues around $5,655 in annual fixed operating expenses:

Hangar Costs

Figure $850 per year for indoor hangar or tie-down storage for the low-wing P2006T.


Aircraft insurance will run around $2,500 annually. Premiums for light twins are higher than singles.

Annual Inspection

This complex modern aircraft requires a detailed $1,200 annual inspection.

Engine Overhaul Reserves

Responsible owners will save around $500 yearly towards future engine overhauls.

Miscellaneous Fixed Costs

Minor costs like subscriptions and tiedown fees can total $605 per year.

Keep $5,655 on hand annually for P2006T fixed operating expenses.

What Are the Variable Flying Costs on the TECNAM P2006T?

When you fly your P2006T, variable costs will be approximately $10,358 annually, assuming 100 flight hours.

Fuel Costs

Each Rotax engine burns 5.1 gallons per hour. At $5.40 per gallon of avgas, your hourly fuel cost is $55.

Oil Costs

Figure $3.50 per hour of flight for oil consumption.

Engine Reserves

It’s wise to keep saving $15 per hour flown for engine overhauls.


Unscheduled maintenance could cost around $20 per hour, or $2,000 annually.

Miscellaneous Costs

Figure $10 per flight hour for landing fees, tie-downs, pilot supplies, etc.

Your variable costs depend directly on flying time. For 100 hours annually, variable costs total about $10,358.

What is the Total Hourly Cost to Operate the P2006T?

When fixed and variable costs are combined and divided across 100 flight hours, the total hourly cost is approximately $160. Here is the breakdown:

  • Fuel Costs: $55/hr
  • Oil Costs: $3.50/hr
  • Engine Reserves: $15/hr
  • Unscheduled Maintenance: $20/hr
  • Misc Variable Costs: $10/hr
  • Fixed Costs (Annualized): $56/hr

So while not an inexpensive aircraft, the P2006T provides twin-engine capabilities and carbon fiber efficiency at a reasonable price point.

How Do You Pay for a TECNAM P2006T Purchase?

Very few pilots can afford this technologically advanced light twin outright in cash. But creative financing makes ownership attainable.

Aircraft Loans

Banks or credit unions may offer financing for a P2006T purchase. A substantial down payment is usually required. Interest rates will be higher than other lending products.


Leasing through a specialty finance company means you can operate the aircraft without purchasing it. After the multi-year lease you have the option to purchase it.

Shared Ownership

Splitting ownership with a partner or small group is a smart way to make this aircraft more affordable. Costs are divided but availability is shared.

Business Purchase

There may be tax benefits to purchasing the aircraft through a business entity if you use it for flight instruction or commercial work.

For many buyers, creative financing unlocks the possibility of owning this high-tech carbon fiber twin. Shared ownership or leasing can help make it attainable.

Is Purchasing a TECNAM P2006T Worth the Investment?

There’s no avoiding the reality that acquiring a light twin like the P2006T requires serious budgeting and long-term financial commitment. Insurance, maintenance, engine reserves, training and depreciation represent major costs.

However, for pilots looking for the ultimate in multi-engine efficiency, technology and comfort in a modern carbon fiber package, the P2006T offers fantastic capabilities. With proper care and maintenance, its longevity and low operating costs help justify the initial purchase price.

Whether you’re able to buy one soon or admiring from afar, I hope this detailed look at the TECNAM P2006T’s costs and capabilities has provided some helpful guidance. This advanced light twin is easy to fall in love with!